Monday, August 20, 2012


I do need a pause, but I'll be back sooner than last time. Promise!

Saturday, August 4, 2012


Harry's wife wasn't happy with their sexlife. As he had not shown any initiative to change that, she had taken matters in her hand and booked an erotic holiday in an african resort. He was ok with it. The facilities and the beach looked very nice, and he didn't mind the pretty girls he saw in the catalogues either. Perhaps it would really make things better...

After almost one week here he had to admit it was the most intense erotic experience of his life! And yet... It was very hard to bear! He was always so horny! He never had been so desperately horny in his life! And everything was set to make him even hornier every day.
The place was gorgeous. The girls were so pretty and relaxed and ready for any kind of sexual encounter. The compound was reclused, so whatever happened here, nothing would get them into trouble. It was paradise. Or something very close.
When they had arrived, there had been an initiation ritual. They had drunk a lot of weird stuff, danced and then stripped naked. So he had learned it was a nudist facility, as far as the guests were concerned. That had not embarrassed him, given the situation, but what then came was different. A kind of game, aiming to make the guests reveal their special sexual interests, and then a vote of the group on what should be done about it. His wife had suggested a chastity device for him, hoping that this would help him value her more in future, sexually.

He had been annoyed with his wife, not to say shocked! But the whole group had supported the idea enthusiastically. So in the end there had been nothing left for him than to play the good sport. He had believed it would be for that night only, but next morning he learned he would remain locked until the next voting session. When he was told it was not before in one weeks time, he became really angry and demanded the key immediately. Unfortunately that was not possible, the resort-management told him, as his wife had taken it. And she insisted on playing the game by the rules. So since that morning he was wandering about the facility, naked like everybody else, except for this ridiculous thing! Even though the other guests were quite discreet and refrained from joking, it was obviously very humiliating. He ate and drank and swam and danced like everybody else, and was treated very nicely by the staff. Especially the pretty local girls were particularly friendly, flirting with him all the time! But one thing the other guests did a lot, he could not do: have sex. Like his wife had, to her all too visible satisfaction.
He used to be able to go without sex or masturbating for a day or two, but in his actual situation the deprivation and humiliation was outright unbearable! Yet the worst was that he felt how the experience changed him! He was frustrated and angry, but he could not prevent himself from realizing that at the same time he came to enjoy it! In its perverse way, it felt terribly good, and worse, it felt more and more right!
He still kept some dignity though. It is true that he had already yielded and watched at his wife's request how she got fucked again by a native stud. But he had still refused the invitation to kneel down and lick her clean afterwards. Or him.
Yet he knew that it was only a question of time until he would do that either. Even the cheers of the fellow guests would not prevent him from doing it. He was lost. He knew it. For the time of the holiday and, as he feared, forever.