Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A holiday camp incident

 "OMG! Do you see these two hot guys over there? They are smiling and waving. I bet they want to come over and hit on us! They're just waiting for our monitor going for a swim."
"Dave, you're talking as if you were interested. Are you? Don't forget we aren't real girls!"
"Mark, look at me, don't I look like a real girl? So do you! And I feel like one too. It's amazing what wearing the bikini does to me, and being made up and with my hair and all that. I never before found guy's hot. But now I do. I imagine how they take me in their strong arms, kiss me. That makes me feel so girly! Doesn't it make you?"
"Don't say that! I get so turned on myself! But it's wrong! I am not gay. I don't want to be gay!"
"Oh stupid! You are not gay, you are a girl now, remember! You'd be gay if you'd find girls hot! Not that anything were wrong with that either..."

Yesterday, Mark and Dave had been caught sneaking into the dorm of the neighbouring girls' holiday camp. Not to spy on the girls - the dorm was empty - but to dress up in their clothes. To deal with it the girls' camp leader had met with her counterpart in the boys' camp, and both had decided to treat the matter in an exemplary and pedagogical way.

A "court hearing" was set up, with the leaders and monitors as judges and attourneys, and all boys and girls as public. The female "prosecutor" conducted the interview of the two delinquents. When they admitted that they had felt an irrepressible urge to put on the panties and skirts they found, it was difficult to restablish order in court. To stop the gleeful shouting and laughter of both their mates and the girls! What a humiliation! They were sure they would be sent home. And almost hoping for it: They just wanted to vanish.

But that was not the verdict. To an even more frantic reaction of the audience, the court instead decreed that Mark and Dave should stay the remaining two weeks, but as the "girls" they wanted to be! After the hearing, they were taken to the girls' camp for being made up and dressed by them. Then they were sent back to their camp. Naturally, here too they were the target of mockery and teasing by their mates. But, during the evening, the mocking became gradually less cruel. It changed over the hours from derisive to flirtatious! Still very much ashamed, but with budding delight Mark and Dave understood the reason why: they were just too cute!

Also the make-up and dressing session the following morning with the girls was different. The girls were still full of zeal, but their aim was not anymore to humiliate them, it was to turn them into as convincing and pretty girls as possible! And they did a great job! There was a sense of cumplicity, an almost sisterly atmosphere. It was really nice.

Now they were at the beach, exposed not only to the youth of both camps, but to all the other holidaymakers around. With every admiring or envious glance of a passer by, they felt more confident. Their male mates were treating them by now simply as they would treat any other pretty girl, with other words, very well!

And the camp leaders acted with casual friendliness, as if the situation were the most natural in the world. When unobserved by the youth, they exchanged a satisfied smile. Hadn't they managed the situation very well, pedagogically? Not only regarding the two delinquents, but regarding everybody involved?